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Brad Hart

Founder of Make More Marbles, former multi-million dollar Wall Street trader and successful hedge fund founder, master of helping entrepreneurs create wealth and find their flow, lover of black and white animals. Brad leads trips of entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists on service and impact missions all over the world. His mission and contribution to the world is to help conscious cocreators to win more through collaboration than they ever could through competition. His writing has been published multiple times in Forbes and others, and his work has been read over 1 million times. 

Brian and Jake Fouts 

Owners of The Elevation Group, investors, business owners, and former members of the rat race and hamster wheel race.  Through The Elevation Group, Brian and Jake bring the investing and wealth building strategies of the rich to the world.  With over 50,000 members having gone through their courses and learned the strategies, The Elevation Group has transformed the lives of countless families and individuals so they have financial security, freedom, and abundance today.  Their mission is to continuing bringing this knowledge and strategies to those that desire true freedom.  We all deserve to live the life of our dreams and their passion is making that happen for you. 
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