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Brad Hart 

Founder of Make More Marbles, former multi-million dollar Wall Street trader and successful hedge fund founder, master of helping entrepreneurs create wealth and find their flow, lover of black and white animals. Brad leads trips of entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists on service and impact missions all over the world. His mission and contribution to the world is to help conscious cocreators to win more through collaboration than they ever could through competition. His writing has been published multiple times in Forbes and others, and his work has been read over 1 million times. 
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Make More Marbles Mentors
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This work changes lives! But don't just take our word for it... Check out these testimonials from Make More Marbles Clients!
Alex Mullan 

When I met Brad, I was living in a town that was slowly killing me inside.

I was at a crossroads with what I wanted to do with my life moving forward, and was spending 40hrs/week slinging lattes at Starbucks for pennies in comparison to what I knew I was worth.

Since the day I met Brad, he’s had a strong hand in quite literally reshaping the entire course of my life, and I truly do not believe I’d be where I am today had I not finally watched the Wealth Machine videos he did with John Romaniello (after leaving them to fester in my inbox for 6 months).

I find it amusing, and serendipitous that off the back of that video series (which for the record, little applied to me because I live in the Great Land of Canoodia) Brad and Roman have been the largest influencers in my life, and greatest mentors, ever. 

It’s a fucking honOUr-and-a-half to be able to call you both friends.

Brad, as I sit here writing, staring out at what’s the first of what will surely be many West Coast rains over the coming months, for the first time in my life, I’m excited to be around these parts for the winter months.

I showed you my glorious Stripe stats, comparing the first 16 days of September to August.

I told you that I’m soon to be paying in rent what I used to earn in an entire month at Uncle Bux.

I still can’t believe it. 

If you’d told me on the first fateful phone call we had, that within 2.5 years I’d have gone from being a supervisor at Starbucks, effectively “stuck” in my little hometown to being able to travel freely, having built what I most accurately describe as a consulting business (given the different tracks I run in) that's on track to the 6K mark this month (with 80-85% of that being MRR), I’d have laughed.

It seems like a dream. 

Especially since May, June, July, and August were a fucking struggle, with next-to-no movement forward in my business.

Once I can figure out how to more effectively streamline the different things I do, eliminate and outsource to free up time…this rocketship you pointed in the right direction is going to fucking launch.

Anyway, all this to say, I’m looking at this move to Vancouver as new beginnings (as I’m starting entirely from scratch over there), as well as bringing the push I need to jump up to the next echelon in my life.

To quote Kramer, it all “Levels, Jerry, levels.”

Personal things and stuff aside, I’m EXCITED about the direction we charted on the phone yesterday. As I said many times, you’ve had a huge impact on my life, and I know that together we can bring that impact to a whole lotta people, and shift the world.

When you said that you view me as a partner as opposed to worker…that meant a lot to me.

Truly, I know you don’t say things like that off-hand, and hearing that was deeply appreciated.

Serendipitously, I believe it was roughly a year ago when I sent you a similar rambling email about joining you on your Make More Marbles mission. 

I’ve gotta say, it’s damn cool to see what we’ve achieved in 365 days.

Better yet, on a personal level, the ripple effect to other people in my life has been impactful, and incredible.
The increase in my baseline happiness is entirely due to the fact that I’m able to spend much of my time working on projects that excite me. Simply put, I would never have realized this potential and opportunity had Brad not shown me the path.
I don’t care if you’ve been sitting on the fence for 6 months like I did, or 6 minutes. 
It’s time for you to step up, invest into your potential, and take a risk that will transform the entire landscape of your life.
If you don’t...I hope find someway to escape the traps of unfulfillment, untapped potential, and the gnawing feeling that you’re not doing what you want to do.
Ryan Charaba

When I met Brad I was about a year out from the military. I was in the process of getting my business started and I was utterly by myself. My business was a legal entity and I had a couple of clients, yet I was stabbing in the dark at the other 75% of my business that I had no idea about. 

Once I got set up with Brad he began to teach me at a basic level the things he believed were key to successful business building. There was no assumption about my abilities and we built a relationship from the ground up. And even though he was the teacher I always felt like an equal. 

Once the mastermind got underway the real magic began to happen. I am being afforded 10 hours a month to work with whatever expert Brad has on his team. I have received so much 1 on 1 time about copy, systems, sales, and lead generation. That really just scratches the surface of what is available to me. 

When questioned how much time I have left for consulting, Brad openly says, “take what you need”.

He truly gives from a place of abundance. 

I have been able to double the asking price for my services. I am able to give way more of myself to my clients because all of my systems and backend are expertly supported by Brad and his team. 

This has truly increased my reach and my ability to truly help more people than I ever really thought possible. 

If I had not signed on with Brad I would still be stabbing around in the dark of solo-preneurship.

Since meeting I am on the cusp of publishing my first book, booked speaking gigs, and I have doubled my income. The more days that pass by working with Brad and his team are proving everyday that I haven’t even scratched the surface.  

It is quite possible that this is the one thing that could propel you and your potential to the next level. 

Do not hesitate to invest in yourself. You will not regret it.
Jason Gensler

I first reached out to Brad Hart in early 2017 through Facebook messenger. I was really struggling to find people who could catalyze our Social Ventures (Nonprofits) to a level that I had been envisioning for years but not producing.

Brad setup a Zoom call with me for Free without hesitation. What I appreciated most about Brad was that he didn’t waste any time telling me exactly what I needed to hear. He made sure I understood specifically why he was suggesting I do things a certain way in the future and why what I was currently doing wasn’t working. Then he basically said, now go do this and don’t even think about reaching back out to me until you have done what I suggested, because you just admitted that it’s possible and you are confident that you can accomplish it.

Six months later, we had the pleasure of receiving a message from Frank Eric Cimrhanzel – and he offered to do a Breakthrough Strategy Session with us for Free because we had some amazing opportunities being presented to us. So of course, we agreed. 

After our call with Frank, our whole team looked at each other, totally blown away. We realized that we got more out of that one 30min call with Frank, that was FREE, than we'd gotten from over $30k in "coaching" and “programs” and "masterminds" during the previous year!!
Three months later – I asked Brad to join the advisory board for our Nonprofits. We celebrated, when after many weeks of Brad conducting his ‘due diligence’ to be sure it was a good fit, not just for us, but for him as well – He agreed.

Point is, we have accomplished more in the last 9 months as an organization, than what had been accomplished in the previous four years. I recently had a quick 10 min call on a Sunday morning with Brad, because I needed his advice. Not even a week later, we were launching yet another program in our business and the projections for the proceeds we will generate and the amount of people we will help is outrageous.

I bet you’re a bit like me, and you've paid for coaches, courses, programs and masterminds that promised the world, but delivered very little “results”. Leaving you feeling frustrated, helpless and lost. Or, if you're new to entrepreneurship, but don’t want to waste years of your life and tons of your hard-earned money on “stuff” that doesn’t work -- then do your future self a massive favor and reach out to the Make More Marbles team. Brad has surrounded himself with the most capable, qualified and aligned group of people I have ever encountered.
Brad and his team will absolutely blow your mind with how efficiently they guide you to achieving your wildest dreams in record time.
Thank You Brad and everyone at Make More Marbles for all that y'all do for others.  


Brad Newman 

Before I met Brad, I was making $12 dollars per hour in the addiction services field. I was having a tremendous amount of fun, creating a lot of impact, however I was making an embarrassing amount of money.

I’ve followed Brad on Facebook and read his emails for the last two years, always so intrigued by his authenticity. 

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur because I believe it is the best way for me to create my own destiny.  

Being an entrepreneur allows me to express myself freely through my skills, to give back to my community on a massive level, and to have fun with whom ever I’de like.  

However, for years I was just a wanna-preneuer paralyzed by fear, succumbed by drug use, and wasting tens of thousands of dollars on online programs that taught me the “right” system to make money. 
I was personally introduced to Brad at his onsite mastermind, the day before Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within event in Newark, NJ July 2017. 

I knew IMMEDIATELY I was in the right place. 

Brad was presenting on wealth creation, collaboration, the entrepreneurial wealth cycle, and personal development.  

These were the topics of life I desired so deeply to understand but I had no understanding of. 

I knew I needed to know more.

The same day I met Brad Hart, I decided to join his Make More Marbles mastermind. I was feeling full of excitement and fear.  

Excited to be aligned with someone who can more clearly articulate the problems in my head better than I can. 

Fearful of investing money AGAIN into an opportunity.  

There was a tug a war going on inside of me.  

Is this the best financial decision for me?  

How am I going to afford this?  

What is my family going to say?  

Blah Blah Blah…...

If I live in my head, I’m dead.  

If I live in my heart, all is possible. 

The heart is the creative force of the universe. 

In my heart of hearts this is what I know: I’m willing to do ANYTHING, invest ANYTHING, be ANYTHING that will increase my quality of life, helps me grow, and allowed me to impact more people. So I signed on the dotted line for his Mastermind…

And as people say … the rest is history. 

In the 55 days since joining the Make More Marbles Mastermind and being aligned with Brad Hart’s mission, these are the physical things that have manifested in my life:

Celebrating 3 years clean from all mood and mind altering drugs.
I have been hired by Scott Oldford, who is a top influencer in the digital marketing/e-learning space.

The opportunity is virtual so I get to travel the world and work wherever I please. Which has always been a dream of mine.

I have 2 opportunities to move out west — to either Denver Co. or San Diego Ca. I’ve never lived anywhere else besides New Jersey!

I have tripled my personal income because of multiple opportunities being thrown (literally) my way. I’ve had to turn some down!

I am now crystal clear on WHO I AM and how I can contribute. I am supporter, a bridge builder, and a connector. My flow state is PEOPLE, not systems :). Now I build every wealth creation opportunity off of that knowing. 

Brad Hart has asked me to join the Make More Marbles team, which is an honor to be aligned with his mission. Now I get help guide other entrepreneurs/solo-preneurs/intra-preneurs, like myself, to see, be, and act in the abundance of life.

I have a personal mentor who is teaching me the skill of high-ticket sales. He has 5 years of experience in 5 different niches and all he wants to do is give me his knowledge freely.

All in 55 days…
Not decades.
Not years. 
Not even all of Q3 2017.

All of these blessing have happened for me in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! 
The ripple effect of being aligned with Brad and Make More Marbles is that every area of my life is firing on all cylinders. Physical body, emotional mastery, financial mastery, time, my career/mission, and my sense of contribution. All of these area have been accelerated, expanded, and deepened. 

This is the best way to describe Brad Hart: a vortex of energy that connects the highest quality ideas and people for the good of the human race. 
I have learned the highest form of honoring myself is to invest in myself; invest in myself with time and invest in myself with money.  
My willingness to invest in myself has always been there. The difference in investing with Brad is that I’m seeing a return on my investment quicker than I thought imaginable.  
It’s truly remarkable. 
The cost of not working with Brad is nothing more than a slower pace in business and in life. A struggle for resources. A constant fear of living in scarcity. A lack of connections. You’re the one who has to live with it. Not me :)
If you’re already willing to honor yourself, do it by aligning yourself with Brad. 
If you’re ready to accelerate your business and life, do it by aligning yourself with Brad.
If you’re ready to feel the fulfillment you’ve been longing for, do it by aligning yourself with Brad. 

Joely Robertson

As a friend of Brad's for many years, I'd noticed that Brad increasingly became a source of inspiration, through his Make More Marbles blog posts and the things he shared on his facebook wall. Stories about connecting people, living life, and basically, being happier.
As a natural introvert and Lord, I’ve always had difficulty opening up to others about my personal and professional challenges. 
I was inspired and motivated but I felt like I was going at everything alone. 

My life changed the day I decided join the Make More Marbles Mastermind. Since joining, I’ve had the opportunity to meet wonderful people from all over the world. The chats I've had with Stijn and Ryan, Brad Hart, and now hearing Brad Newman’s awesome story inspires me to think outside the box.

Brad is the kind of guy who just puts his heart out there (pun intended), and loves bringing people together. After joining the MMM mastermind, I've found a group of friends who are all passionate about living life, getting ahead, and helping each other.  

The mastermind has opened me up to try different things and it's helped a lot. 

For example, I had a what would seem like a devastating blow where I lost 18 grand in Forex in September! 

Typically, I would have beaten myself up and been afraid to put anymore skin in my investment game. Thankfully, I had my monthly mastermind call a few days later. After chatting with the everyone in the mastermind and Brad, I was able to blow it off easily and I'm already back on the horse.

Brad has inspired me to the point where now I’ve researched and got in contact with a local group in Australia with a new trading method after my last failure. Whilst that had nothing to do with Brad, getting on the masterminds helps me get out of my introvert side and thus reaps rewards.

The Mastermind's library of resources is a great place to go for tools and information for getting ahead, and living a happy fulfilled life. I look forward to the mastermind call each month, to bounce off new ideas to a fantastic group of people, and to help others with their journey as well.  

Brad and the mastermind has given me the courage to access the parts of myself I need in order to keep moving forward in my journey. 

I urge anyone who is looking to create wealth in multiple different streams to align yourself with Brad and the mastermind. Brad has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and inspiration to help anyone live in theirs dreams. 
Copyright 2017 Make More Marbles